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Take Your Organization to the Next Level with Business Consulting from RSP


Few pursuits are as rewarding as building a successful business. However, in order to maintain long-term growth, you need advisory services from a qualified team of chartered professional accountants. Advisory services let you plan for the unexpected events that can complicate your organization’s growth; when administered properly, they can limit your risk, improve your income and give you the resources you need to focus on day-to-day operations.

RSP provides consulting resources for individuals and for businesses of all sizes. Since 1969, we have worked with hundreds of Canadian organizations operating in a variety of industries. We draw from our experience in order to help you meet your financial goals, and our specialists can provide you with short-term solutions for continued success.

Our consulting services help you:

  • Analyze Alternate Business Decisions to Make the Right Choice for Your Business
  • Accurately Project Your Cash Flow for Simpler Planning
  • Enhance Your Revenue and Find Effective Strategies for Growth
  • Realistically Forecast Your Business’s Development and Budget for Unexpected Expenses
  • Create Short-Term and Long-Term Investments That Match Your Goals
  • Negotiate with Lenders to Get the Loans You Need
  • Design a Professional Business Plan

You need capable advisors that understand your business, and RSP can provide all of the resources you need for growth. We also offer exceptional forensic accounting services for businesses and organizations of all sizes, and two of our partners are Certified Fraud Examiners.


Our comprehensive professional consulting solutions help you establish a stronger financial future while minimizing your risks at every level, and because we measure the success of our own company through the achievements of our clients, we deliver excellent results.

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