Succession & Estate Planning

Gain Peace of Mind with Professional Succession and Estate Planning

What will happen to your business when you are no longer around?

For most people, this is a difficult question to address. Many business owners put off retirement and estate planning, preferring to focus instead on their companies’ day-to-day activities. However, every sound fiscal strategy should plan ahead, and by addressing your estate as early as possible, you can effectively provide long-term security for the people who depend on you most.

Our partners can help you design a comfortable retirement plan that fits within your budget. At RSP, we pair our significant experience in owner-managed businesses such as yours with sophisticated techniques that will allow for a thorough understanding of tax law. We create strategies that work for our clients.


You can manage your estate and business, facilitating the transfer of your assets to beneficiaries while reducing associated tax liabilities, and our experts will help you clearly set out a line of succession. You will get the peace of mind that comes from effective planning, and RSP will keep you informed throughout the process.

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While estate planning can seem unpleasant, it can eliminate stress and let you enjoy your life without constantly worrying about your assets. RSP provides the expert resources you need to get started. Call us today at 416-798-4997 to discuss estate and retirement planning with one of our partners.