Second Generation Business

Keep Your Business In Your Family with Services from RSP

When your business passes from one generation to the next, you face a distinct set of challenges. You need to ensure a seamless succession, and to do so,you need a realistic business plan and an accounting system that can transition easily from one owner to the next.You will also need to set dates for retirement and training in order to bring your goal of a “family-owned business” from an abstract concept to a reality.

RSP offers reliable accounting and consulting services for your second generation business.We can help you create a company-specific strategy to pass your business to the next generation of owners, and as accounting experts, we can help you manage all of the financial aspects of your succession.

second-generation businessWhen you design a company-specific strategy with help from Ontario’s most experienced accountants,you can minimize your risks and enjoy peace of mind as you enter the next stage of your career.RSP can help you get started, and our accountants are prepared to guide you through the first steps of the process.

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